The power of getting started

Thinking about doing versus taking action. Theres a big difference. We all have things we want to do: start a business, travel the world, spend less time in front of our screens, spend more time with the people we love. We plan these things out in our heads, daydream about how nice they would be. We can nearly taste that first glass of wine in a remote Tuscan village on a sunny Sunday afternoon or feel the emotional high from closing that first big deal. What we don't do, more often than not, is take that first step forward, no matter how small. We wait for the perfect time, for the stars to align, for some sign that it will be easy.

Anyone who has ever been in love knows that timing is everything, and perfect timing doesn't exist. Waiting for the right moment guarantees one thing: that you haven't started as soon as you should have.

Think about the prototypes of the things we now take for granted. Google, the Ford Model T, wooden tennis rackets, the iPhone. In retrospect, they can hardly be called impressive, but they were starting points for greater things to come.

I've always wanted to start a blog. I enjoy writing, and when I'm able to get my thoughts out of my head, I'm more focused and productive. Until now, I never took any real action because I wanted it to be perfect, because I was "busy" doing other things, because my writing isn't good enough, because I might not know what to say, because it will take time to find my voice. That may all be true, but I will no longer let it stop me from starting.

I will write about the things I'm passionate about, from productivity and new technology, to health and fitness, to cooking, to the changing landscape of digital media. I hope to improve over time. I hope to bring some value to people who might stumble across this blog. I hope to encourage others to take action. It won't be perfect, but at least I've started.

Bart Boughton